, Date : 9 November, 2015

Garage Sale Finds

Garage 'Sale-ing' Towards Freedom

It's been a while since we've had any of our side hustle/garage sale updates, but rest assured, we have been hitting the sales in our free moments, and we've been finding some great things!  Life has gotten pretty busy lately, and it seems like the clock has sped up, even though we just turned it back an hour for Daylight Savings. 


I think someone needs to tell the clock to speed up during working hours only. 😉


Lately we have been juggling between planning and prepping healthy meals, going to the gym, trying to write good quality blog posts, going to auctions and garage sales, posting those finds on eBay, answering constant eBay questions, and shipping packages daily, all while we're both working full time day jobs. They don't call it a side HUSTLE for nothing! It is quite a workout!


When people ask us what we will do if we retire early, our answer is simple.. plenty. Garage sales and estate sales, as well as auctions, will always be a part of our lives now that we've seen what they can produce. The game is just too great to ever stop playing. 



So what did we find?

While we were on vacation a few weeks back we stopped at a Goodwill (what else is vacation for, if not to see the exotic Goodwill's of America?)


I think I almost rolled the car as I violently yanked the wheel in a 90-degree tail-whipping turn when we almost drove past the Goodwill. It's ok, it was just a rental, and what man has ever heard of turning around? Not me.


The Goodwill turned out to be packed full of goodies, much unlike the Goodwill's around where we live where you might find old picture frames, Grandma's glassware and board games with missing pieces.  This Goodwill had it going on.  We were there for about 15 min and found some books that sold on Amazon and an awesome racquet ball racket with case: a Wilson Triad 180 that recently sold on eBay used for $100.00 Buy It Now (but it also recently sold for $13 at auction on eBay...so it might take a while to sell for a higher price)  It only cost us $5, so the plan here is to list it case and all for $65.00-$85.00.  Between the two books at $1 each and the racquet at $5, the addition was getting to be too much for me, so I grabbed the nearest TI 83 graphing calculator I could find to help me crunch some serious numbers.


mathematics-757566_640As luck would have it, the graphing calculator also sells on eBay for $20-$40 and only cost me 3 additional bucks! 😉


So, with a grand total of $10, I took my haul to the register to check out!  I unsuccessfully tried to have them apply the same discount they gave the woman in front of me , which I later realized was the Senior Citizen discount (sometimes my frugality has no shame). Whoops. Ultimately, I left the store a winner with well over $100 in profit for a 15 min Goodwill trip. Who ever said that you can't make money on vacation?


The QVC house


It was a rainy Sunday, I had just finished up my second night shift in a row, and I wanted nothing more than to come home, lay down, and go to sleep.  Little did I know that when I came home my lovely wife would be waiting for me with a tea in hand jumping up and down telling me there is a fantastic sale we were late for.  My pleas for sleep fell on deaf ears, as she had already locked the front door and had the car running before I could protest. The sale was about 35 min away, so I figured I would catch a few zz's on the way, but no such luck, since we don't have a fancy car with a build in GPS system and the passenger's duty is to navigate.


map-846083_640After a few wrong turns we got there "right on time"  late.  We found little parking on the street where the house sale was, which is typical for a huge estate sale.  We ended up parking a few blocks away and had to hoof it the rest of the way.  When we arrived at the house, it looked rather unimpressive from the outside vs. the pictures we saw online.  However, after we walked through the double front door, I felt as if we had entered Narnia. The house had grown in size ten-fold and was packed with people, boxes, and hidden treasures.  This was a true hoarders house, but this hoarder was WEALTHY, and everything was in original boxes, mostly never even opened, and meticulously labeled and categorized.  We made our way to the jewelry tables and found some really nice pieces for cheap prices.  It was almost as if it had all been waiting there for us. Apparently, the lady of the house had nothing but time and money and loved QVC. It was an eBayer's dream.


IMG_2333           The Smithsonian Hope Diamond Replica, purchased for $8 and it just recently sold for $65

FullSizeRender(3) A Heidi Daus Brooch that was purchased for $4 and we could get $75-$100 for it based on our research

IMG_2332Two pair of Judith Ripka Sterling earrings for $6 . The large pair just recently sold on eBay for $90 and the smaller tiered pair sells for $50

IMG_2334We R memory keepers evolution advanced motor sells consistantly for


Easily our biggest $$$ find of the day was this Heidi Daus that someone recently sold for a whopping...
Those are just some of the treasures that we found that morning. We got hundreds of dollars in potential profit just for doing some shopping! 

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10 Comments on “Garage Sale Finds

  1. Pretty cool finds this weekend. I don’t have the eye nor sufficient knowledge of these products to know what is a good deal or not, although my mom loves to shop on QVC so I am somewhat familiar with what they offer. I enjoy reading your posts as I’m hoping I can attain some of your skill through “osmosis” one of this days.
    Josh recently posted…Money Saving Tip: Buying Chicken In BulkMy Profile

    1. Hi Josh, All it takes to gain the knowledge is the desire to learn and willingness to make mistakes. Buying boxed lots of ‘junk’ jewelry to research has given us what feels like a college education in jewelry, and we’re still learning! We love to share our tips and tricks for the business, and we hope you can put some into practice and let us know what works for you. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Aww Chris, don’t be ashamed to be seen standing at the jewelry table…that’s where the real men go first 😉 Andrew used to try to play it cool like “oh, I’m looking for something for my wife…” now it’s “How much for everything on the table?” A lot of sales we go to have more guys looking at jewelry than women. Snatch up a few pieces next time if they’re cheap enough and give it a go! I’m still keeping my eyes peeled for those owl lights you speak of :-)

    1. Glad you like our finds! Knowing that there’s other people to share our finds with helps keep us going out to the sales on cold rainy Saturdays when we’d rather be sleeping in. An audience is great motivation!
      I can see how running an eBay business from Alaska might bankrupt you on shipping charges, and how style may not exist in favor of warmth!

    1. Thrift stores are usually our last resort for a ‘fix’ in the winter when the garage sales are sparse. We won’t even step foot in certain ones because some are so pre-sorted through it’s not worth it. Others can be really awesome and you don’t know until you go scouting!

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