, Date : 19 November, 2015

Goodwill Haunting- 5 of the scariest Goodwill finds

Here are 5 stories that will make you want to wear gloves (or a rosary) next time you're in a Goodwill.


Partial Dentures

One night last winter, we took a drive out to our nearest Goodwill Outlet store for some cheap amusement. The other Goodwill stores in the region send their unsold merchandise to the outlet store as the final step. At scheduled intervals, a bell rings, and workers push out large shallow bins on wheels filled with an assortment of junk and switch out the bins from the previous interval. The bins resemble tupperware gurneys, and the workers push them out with such an expression on their faces that the mood feels quite mortuary-esque. Dead merchandise on gurneys with zombie-like workers gloomily pushing it around completely captures the somber essence of this outlet store. Something creepy is bound to happen, and it sure did. As I was digging through the bins of random items, I found a little velvet pouch with something inside. Thinking it was likely a piece of jewelry, I opened it up, stuck my fingers in, pulled out the object, and yelped as I flung teeth across the room. It was someone's partial set of dentures. I have no idea why someone would donate those on purpose, but I learned my lesson that night to wear gloves the next time I'm digging through bins at the Goodwill Outlet!


Many people have issues regarding the fear of dolls. There's just something that unnerves some people about them, and horror movies play on that fear and make it worse by writing stories about dolls who talk, possess their owners, murder people, and so on. I've never felt any real aversion from dolls, until I saw these ones at Goodwill. They bothered me so much that I couldn't look away and I felt compelled to take a picture of them so that I could show everyone else how incredibly creepy they were! Maybe that was their goal, and they effectively brainwashed me into sharing their picture!



A half used bottle of mouthwash

Yep. 50 cents for a half-used bottle of mouthwash. This one disturbed Andrew and I so much that he grabbed it off the shelf and threw it into the garbage can in the store. Alcohol does kill germs, but selling a product like that is just so wrong and disgusting that we couldn't let it happen after seeing it for sale.


Used Foot bath-complete with soap scum and skin chunks!

Doesn't that sound like a compelling advertisement? 'Oh, wait...you mean it's NOT supposed to come with another person's dead skin cells and soap scum in it? How disappointing!' I have seen more than one foot bath in a Goodwill that included amenities such as soap scum and remnants of the past owner. The foot baths that I am referring to are the kind that are sold as at-home spa treatment machines that heat the water, vibrate to massage the feet, blow bubbles, etc. They also frequently have pumice stones attached to them for people to scrape their calloused heels on. The porous nature of the pumice stones allows all of the dead skin to stick inside the pumice stones as a treat for next time. I honestly don't think you could pay me to stick my feet in a used one of those!

Used Swimsuits

Being healthcare professionals and vigilant germophobes, Andrew and I are super grossed out when we see swimsuits for sale at Goodwill. If you wouldn't wear a stranger's used underwear, why would you buy a used swimsuit?? I've never seen underwear sold at Goodwill, but I've seen plenty of faded, stretched out swimsuits that need to be thrown away. Leave your crabs at the beach and don't share swimsuits, people!


Overall, we're found some pretty fun and crazy things at Goodwill over the years. We hope that you enjoyed a bit of humor this morning, as we've been waiting to share some of our super scary Goodwill finds for a while now! What do you guys think? Have you ever found anything scary at Goodwill or other thrift stores?

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7 Comments on “Goodwill Haunting- 5 of the scariest Goodwill finds

    1. Haha, it sure is disgusting! It’s fun and horrifying and hilarious all at the same time! The trick to keeping it fun versus sickening is having gloves with you, and bringing your sense of humor along for the ride. I love to see the gross stuff, because it makes for wonderful stories and fun blog posts. :-)

    1. I can’t wait to read your post, Chris! I found some more questionable things for sale at an estate yesterday, and I actually got excited to take pictures for future posts! lol! Gross stuff is part of the game, and it weeds out the weaklings πŸ˜‰

  1. OMG — thank goodness I had lunch a few hours ago. :-X

    Gross gross gross all around! :-) I will say, having helped clean out an elderly relative’s home not long ago, you have to get rid of a LOT of stuff, and while I hope that we didn’t send anything like partial dentures on to Goodwill, I’m sure that lots of stuff unsuitable for sale ended up on that truck!

    You guys are brave for dealing with all that stuff — good call on the gloves next time. :-)
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