, Date : 30 November, 2015

50+ Ways to Make Extra Money

Ways To Make Extra Money

It seems like everyone nowadays is looking for side hustles and other ways to make extra money for a variety of reasons, whether it be to service debt, fund a dream vacation, or to treat themselves. I scoured the Internet and brainstormed up some interesting, creative, and at times, strange ways to make extra money and wrote this comprehensive list of everything that I discovered. Some of these ideas may surprise and inspire you. You might even want to try some of these right away!

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Effortless Ways to Make Extra Money


Let's ease into money making since we already work hard enough at our primary jobs. These are the easiest ways that I have found throughout my research to make extra money with very little effort. Many of these programs reward you for doing things that you already do on a daily basis. There's no excuse to not try these!
1. Use iBotta to earn cash back on products you already buy! Ibotta is an app that gives you rebates for buying products at the grocery store, restaurants, pet stores, department stores, and much more! You open the app, search through the rebates for stores that you already shop at, and select the rebates you're interested in. To 'unlock' a rebate, you might have to take a 1-question survey, view a recipe, or watch a short video clip for higher-value rebates. To redeem the rebate, take a picture of your receipt with your smart phone and they will verify it and credit your account. Some stores allow you to link your loyalty card to the app for verification, so you don't even need to send in your receipt picture. It's effortless! What I really love about the app is that there are rebates for 'any brand' items, including produce, milk, eggs, bread, and other staples. There's no reason NOT to use this app! It's so easy and it's free money. I made $8 just on my last grocery trip! You can cash out with a minimum of $10 credit to your PayPal or Venmo account. Sign up today at https://ibotta.com
2. Get paid for advertisements on your car- If you are a high mileage driver with a solid driving record above the age of 18, sign up with Carvertise. To apply, answer a few questions about how far you drive each day and where you drive, including any specific driving habits, and they will determine if you are a good match for an advertiser's criteria. If you are, they will install a car wrap advertisement on the exterior of your car and then pay you for doing nothing more than driving your normal commute! When the contract with the advertiser ends, they remove the wrap from your car. I drive a lot for my job, so I just signed up with them. Hopefully I'll match sometime soon so that I can share my experience! Here are some links if you are interested: http://www.carvertise.com/ Explanatory video: https://www.youtube.com


3. Get rewarded for using a search engine. Join Bing Rewards, and earn points with every search! You can earn points by staying signed in to Bing when you search, by making Bing your home page, and by trying their new features and tips. You can then trade those points in for popular gift cards. This is an easy way to squeeze some extra value out of something that you already do multiple times per day, and it's effortless!


4. Get paid to watch TV and videos and listen to music. Viggle is an app that pays you to watch TV and listen to music. Perhaps if you have to spend an extended amount of time in bed for one reason or another, you can use that time to earn some gift cards and rewards from this app. Just open the Viggle app while watching TV or listening to music, the app will recognize what you're watching or listening to, and they will award you 1 point per minute while you're watching TV and give you bonus points for music. We don't have TV any more since we got rid of cable, but I listen to music while I work, so I open the Viggle app and earn points with every song! You can then redeem points for sweepstakes entries and gift cards. Learn more here: http://get.viggle.com/


Medical Related Ways to Make Extra Money

These ideas require more effort than the ones above, but if you don't mind needles or becoming a test subject, participating in medical research or providing crucial bodily fluids to people who have trouble producing their own can be quite lucrative!


5. Donate Plasma
Plasma is the main component of blood, accounting for 55% of blood volume. It allows the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and other blood components to float and travel freely in the body. Donating plasma is similar to donating blood, but it takes longer, about 1 ½ to 2 hours, so donors are compensated for their time. A donor may donate plasma twice a week, and the compensation per donation varies based on location. You can find a local center and learn more at http://www.donatingplasma.org/
6. Sign up for clinical trials and research studies. Regardless of if you have a chronic health condition or are perfectly healthy, you may be eligible to participate in clinical trials or research studies for drug therapies, psychological testing, non-invasive studies, and more! Every study is different and contains criteria to meet to match the study. Sometimes they only want people who have a chronic condition, and sometimes they want healthy volunteers to compare treatment against. Each study is approved by an ethics committee and is highly regulated so as to not harm patients or prevent proper care from taking place. Compensation varies widely based on the invasiveness of interventions, time invested, length of the study, and so on, but it's not unusual to make hundreds of dollars upon completion of the study. In addition to making money by participating, participants may receive free health care and medications related to the study. Getting into a study is a win-win for everyone, because you receive free care while making money and helping to advance the study of medicine! Check out your local classified ads (type in research study on Caigslist) or https://clinicaltrials.gov/ for more info.


7. Donate Poop-This sounds unbelievable and quite disgusting, but a healthy person's poop can save the life of someone suffering from the debilitating infection C.Difficile, also known as C.Diff. The C.Diff. bacteria destroys the good bacteria in the intestines and causes chronic and sometimes fatal diarrhea. Antibiotics don't always work, and many people suffer greatly from this infection. That's where poop transplants, formally known as 'fecal microbiota transplantation' come into play. A fecal transplant from a healthy donor has a 90% cure rate for this awful infection. Healthy people donate their poop to the company Open Biome, which processes it and pays the donors $40 per sample for their donation! To be a donor, you must be in excellent health, able to donate at the center 5 days a week for 60 days, and you must also live in the Medford, MA area where the center is located. You can make more than one donation a day, and you get paid per sample! This is an amazing opportunity to earn an extra $200 a week or more for nothing more than a bodily function. For any of you who think we're full of $#!%, check out http://www.openbiome.org/ for more details.


8. Sell breast milk. If you're a nursing mother with breast milk to spare, you can start saving for the baby's college fund by selling your milk. There are moms who can't produce or use their own milk for various reasons, but still want their babies to benefit from the immune-boosting and other positive effects of breast milk. Moms can sell breast milk for an average of $2.50 an ounce online, and most babies drink 20-30 ounces a day of milk! If you sold 30 ounces a day, you could make over $27,000 a year while helping another baby get optimal nutrition. Learn more at www.onlythebreast.com


Mystery Shop

Working as a mystery shopper is a fun way to earn free products and get paid to shop. You may even get a free lunch or dinner while getting paid!
9. Be a secret agent with Field Agent. Field agent is an app that turns anyone into a secret shopper agent. It uses your location to find jobs near you. Sometimes you have to go into a store and 'audit' product placement by photographing a display and answering a few questions, or sometimes you have to purchase something and interact with store employees then answer questions. Jobs range from $3.50 to over $10 depending on the complexity of the job, and for the jobs where you purchase something, you will be reimbursed as long as you follow the instructions exactly. This app is one of my favorites for making easy money because it pays well and it pays you in cash direct deposited into your PayPal instead of points, unlike some other popular shopping apps. I have paid my phone bill for 2 months just from casually using Field Agent this year! Whenever I am running errands and have some time to spare, I open the app to check if any stores around me have audits. If you belong to membership clubs, like Costco or Sam's, this app does seem to have plenty of jobs for club members, and if you fly frequently, I have also seen a bunch of audits for airport retailers. Since you now need a boarding pass to access most airport retailers, many people using the app can't compete, and you could really make a nice profit while waiting for your flight! Download the free app from iTunes or Google Play.


10. Be a mystery shopper for Market Force- There's a bunch of websites out there that claim to sign you up for lucrative mystery shopper jobs, only to spam you with things and never give you any real jobs. Market Force is not one of those sites. It is 100% legitimate, and I can vouch for it because I've done work for them. The application process requires you to answer a bunch of demographics questions and write a mock essay/review to make sure you can communicate in the way that they want. This company provides mystery shops for retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, and more. They are the company that my employer used to use to mystery shop the stores I work at, so that's how I found out about them! They frequently require you to buy an item and interact with employees, time the check-out process, etc. You have to follow their instructions exactly and pay extreme attention to detail, or else you won't get paid. You also have to be sneaky about recording your experience while at the establishment, because you're not supposed to tip off the employees to what you're doing. This company takes their mystery shops very seriously, sometimes even checking surveillance video to make sure you were actually there at the time you claim, so you have to tell them what color car you were in the drive-thru or what color shirt you were wearing. If you purchase an item, they pay you for the item (you submit a photo of receipt) and they will also pay you for your time-usually $8-10 for a simple shop taking less than 30 minutes. This is a great way to get free products, especially from the pharmacy area if you do a pharmacy mystery shop! I'm not allowed to do pharmacy shops because I work in the industry, so I do mostly fast food shops and retail stores. Hooray for free lunch!


Sell Your (Or Other People's) Unwanted Items for Extra Cash

Re-selling second hand items is our side hustle bread and butter, and it can be yours, too. There are many options and outlets available to you for finding and selling used items, so give it a try!


11. Flip garage sale items-One of my favorite ways to make extra money is by going to garage sales and buying items for less then what they are worth, then flipping them for a profit. My husband and I make thousands of dollars a year this way, and it is so much fun! There is an entire sub-culture of people who make extra money by doing this, and some can even make a living this way! You can attend garage sales and become a flipper if you are knowledgeable in a certain area and have some free cash to spend. Vinyl records, vintage clothes, pottery, jewelry, glassware, art, sports equipment, and tools are a few examples of lucrative areas to specialize in. My husband and I specialize in jewelry, but we're always learning and trying new things. Check out some of our recent finds.


12. Sell things on Ebay- We make thousands of dollars each year by buying and selling second hand items on eBay. We sell both our own unwanted items as well as other people's items, and we manage everything mostly with our iPhones and the eBay app! We take pictures, write descriptions, and post the items with ease. Sometimes one of us will post an item for sale on the way home from buying the item while the other person drives, and it will have sold by the time we reach our front door! It is super easy to sign up for an account with eBay and get started selling that old junk in your house that you don't want anymore. Why throw it away or give it away when you can recoup some of your hard-earned money and invest it in something more useful to you?


13. Sell books & media on Amazon Marketplace. If you're not ready to try eBay yet, selling used books, CD's, and DVD's is a great way to break into the world of re-selling because it is so easy! In addition to selling on eBay, we also sell used books and media items part time on Amazon Marketplace and have made thousands of dollars this way. We go to used book sales that libraries and universities hold and buy bags full of valuable books and media for a few dollars, then list them on Amazon for huge profits! When you type in a book's ISBN number, the specifications of the book (size, weight, how many pages, etc.) are pre-populated for you, unlike on eBay where you have to input that data yourself. Shipping is also much easier than eBay, because there are no boxes or packing materials needed other than simple plastic mailers. These are the mailers that we use- they're cheap, waterproof, and get the job done: 100 10X13 2.5 MIL POLY MAILERS ENVELOPES BAGS BY VALUEMAILERS


14. Attend your local auctions- Like with garage sales, there are people who make their entire living by re-selling items they buy at auction and flip for a profit. Most people don't realize how many auctions happen all around their area every day of the week! There are many types of auctions; antique auctions, (mostly what we go to) business closeout auctions, retail store inventory auctions, and even construction material auctions-great if you're building a house! Make sure you have a buyer in mind or an outlet to sell the items before you start bidding, or you may end up with a house full of stuff. We make thousands of dollars a year by flipping items bought at auctions. You can even read a specific post about how we make money at auctions here on our site. If you're interested in seeing where your nearest auctions are, check out www.auctionzip.com


15. Host a garage sale- You could always host a garage sale to sell your old 'junk', or even more expensive items that you no longer need. We've even seen things like motorcycles and flat screen TV's for sale at garage sales! Saturdays are the most popular days to host one. Advertise it on Craigslist and in local newspapers about 1-2 weeks in advance for the best turnout. Make sure that you price everything with clearly marked price tags, or you might be overwhelmed with people constantly asking you for a price. My nieces and nephew hosted a garage sale when they moved, and they made a few hundred dollars off of items they would have otherwise given away!


16. Get paid for your unwanted clothes on Poshmark. Were you a trendy diva who recently found your frugal ways? Some of those name brands that you paid retail for can provide you with some pocket cash! Poshmark is an online selling platform for clothes, shoes, and accessories. My best description is that it's a combined form of eBay and Pinterest, where you can follow people's fashionable closets and then buy what you like. They make shipping easy and payments secure. I haven't tried it yet, but I have a closet that needs cleaned out in the near future!


If you're not tech-savvy, or you don't have the time to photograph, market, and ship your stuff, give it one more chance to make you money before you toss it!


17. Sell your clothes and fashion accessories to a consignment shop or Plato's Closet-In a consignment shop, you get paid a percentage of what your clothes sell for, and it can take weeks or months for the item to sell. At a store like Plato's Closet, they pay you a percentage up front for your clothes and you leave the store with cash in hand. Each store has specific terms and conditions, so call around to find something that suits you. The stores usually start stocking up 2 months in advance of the next season, so keep that in mind when going through your closet. This requires about the same amount of effort as taking your clothes to a donation center, so why not give it a try?


Make Money From Home


18. Rent your home using Airbnb. Airbnb allows anyone to turn their home or apartment into a lucrative hotel for travelers! Regardless of if you have a spare bedroom, a futon, or an entire house to rent out for days or weeks, Airbnb can help you make some extra money and meet travelers from around the world! You can rent out your place while you're away or you can host travelers as house guests while you stay home. As a host, you are protected for $1,000,000 in case your property is damaged. We've used Airbnb as travelers, and have always had wonderful experiences. You can see how much you could earn by clicking 'become a host' and selecting your city and room type that you would rent out. I was extremely surprised to find that even in my non-tourist city, my spare bedroom could be worth $400 a week! Check it out and see how much you can earn.


19. Get paid to take surveys on your phone. The Surveys On The Go app pays you to take surveys directly from your phone and alerts you every time there is a new survey available to make money from. Some surveys can be worth $7-$8 each. You can cash out with a minimum of $10 to PayPal or an Amazon gift card. If you choose to cash out with the Amazon card, you may receive more money credited to the gift card than what's actually in your account as a bonus. Free money is always a good thing!


20. Become a freelance writer- There are countless how-to's and blogs about how to become a freelance writer. If you graduated with an English major or are a good writer in general and are looking to make some extra cash, you should look into freelancing or ghost writing for blogs on a topic you are knowledgeable or passionate about. Knock on those virtual doors by sending emails to the websites you're interested in writing for and ask if they are interested in this service. Make a profile on Contently with your portfolio as well. It is easy to do and you can refer potential clients back to your profile in your greeting emails for samples of your work.


21. Be an editor for bloggers- This is another great job for English majors or anyone with an excellent grasp of the English language. There are plenty of smart people out there who know their particular field well, but they might not be the best at writing sentences or using proper grammar. I have seen many obvious grammar mistakes on popular blogs, and poor grammar doesn't leave a good impression for the readers. Use all those nouns, verbs, and prefixes to help make the blogosphere just a little more legible, and add some extra money to your pockets in the process!


22. Work from home as a virtual assistant

Fancy Hands is a U.S.-based and staffed virtual assistant service that people can contact to complete phone or internet-based tasks for them, such as making restaurant reservations, doctors appointments, phone calls to the cable company, research on products, and much more! They are hiring assistants to complete jobs from home for $2.50 to $7 or more per task. Some tasks might take just a few minutes, so your hourly rates could be quite nice. To start, you'll get paid per task depending on how quickly the task is finished, what time of day it is, and how complicated the task is. The company will accommodate any hours that work for you, even overnight work. To work for them, you need high speed internet, a headset with microphone (iPhone earbuds will work) proficiency with word processing programs, superior English communication skills, and proficiency with internet research. Does this sound like a good fit for you? Check it out!


Miscellaneous Ways to Make Extra Money


23. Scavenge food from the woods and sell it to chic restaurants- Knowing how to identify exotic mushrooms and wild grown herbs and vegetables can make you a nice amount of extra money by selling fresh, locally-sourced edibles to high end restaurants! It requires some skill and initially lots of walking through the woods, but once you identify the environments where your scavenged finds are likely to grow, it's easy to find them and return to the same hot spots season after season. Morel mushrooms grow in our region, and they can sell dried for over $300 per pound! Get yourself a good field guide with color pictures of wild foods and make your next hike profitable!


24. Drive for Uber. If you have a car, a smart phone, and a PayPal account, you can be a taxi driver for Uber. You set your own schedule and work when it's convenient for you. Riders request you to pick them up via the app, and you are paid electronically so you don't have to worry about carrying cash. Drivers earn an average of $25/hour, but depending on the city that you drive in and the times when you drive, you can earn more or less. Some drivers choose to only hit the roads during peak hours when 'surge' pricing goes into effect and fares are double or triple the normal rate. During those times, drivers may make over $50/hour! Because you name your own hours, driving for Uber can work for anyone, and many people claim that it's a great way to make extra money!


25. Open a checking or savings account that gives you bonus cash back. With many banks competing for your business, it's common for them to award a bonus to new account holders for opening a new account. Every promotion is different; some require you to deposit a certain amount of money, while others require direct deposits into the account for a specified length of time to pay out the bonus. I opened up a new checking account last year and set up a small amount of my paycheck to be directly deposited into that account to meet the promotional criteria and made $400 after 2 months! I always keep my eyes open for these deals, because bank promotions are fantastic ways to make extra money with very little effort involved!


26. Become an extra for movies, TV shows, and commercials- My husband was recently an extra for a show filming in our area and made a few hundred dollars over a few days of shooting! He also got a free haircut from the makeup department and got to eat free gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. The work was fun, easy, and he got to meet and work along side famous actors in addition to getting paid! Once the show airs, we'll add some screenshots of his work. To be an extra, you typically have to be available to work 12-14 hour days multiple days in a row. If you can't be there every single day that they will need you for a scene, they won't hire you. A good place to look for extra jobs is classified ads, Craigslist, and your city's film recruitment website, if they have one. Here's an example of Pittsburgh's recruiting site: http://pghfilm.org/


27. Join a focus group -Both my husband and I are registered with a local focus group that conducts all sorts of consumer-based research and pays us extremely well for our time. They store our demographic information and when we qualify for a study, they call us to come and participate. My husband once made $400 over two days by participating in a mock trial based on a real trial going to court, and he participated in another study that paid him $50 for an hour's worth of answering political questions. I made $80 for an hour and a half product demonstration, food sampling, and survey. I wish I could do more, but my erratic work schedule doesn't mesh with the focus group schedule very often. That's unfortunate because it's some of the easiest money we ever made! The study group comes to us when we qualify for a study, and we just have to sit there and have discussions with people for an hour or so. It's a great way to get out and have some social interaction while making a nice profit! You can go to focusgroup.com to register for alerts when there is an upcoming focus group recruiting in your area.


28. Become a metal scrapper- If you have a truck or van, you can enjoy garbage day even more by driving around and picking up scrap metal items and hauling them to the local scrap yard for a pretty penny. All you need is a large vehicle, some leather gloves to protect your hands, and a local scrap yard to take it all to when you're done! Have you ever seen a pick up truck full of broken metal junk driving around? It's probably a scrapper's truck! The scrappers in our area make the rounds of each community beginning in the afternoon on garbage days, and always end up with a truck bed full of metal every day to scrap. If you are hesitant to try this because you think that people are going to yell at you for taking the metal, don't be--it's garbage! I once put out a metal hose reel holder for the garbage and 15 minutes later a scrapper stopped by and took it. I didn't mind at all that he was making money off of it- in fact, I was actually impressed at what a good eye for metal he had from the road, and I was happy that the metal was being recycled instead of ending up in a landfill. Call and check with your local scrap yard for what they pay per pound of scrap metal and what metals they accept. Here is a list of the national average scrap prices that can be used as a reference: https://iscrapapp.com
29. Collect aluminum cans and bottles. This was my husband's favorite hobby as a kid to earn spending money, and it goes hand in hand with scrapping. You can collect cans that you would otherwise recycle, crush them using this awesome wall mounting can crusher- Pacific Precision Metals THE CRUSHER Aluminum Can Compactor
and take the aluminum to a scrap yard for payment. Ask your neighbors to donate their beer and soda cans to you. It takes about 35 cans to equal one pound of aluminum, and the current average is 40-50 cents per pound of aluminum cans. At 50 cents a pound, that makes each can worth 1.4 cents. In states like Maine, Delaware, California, and many others where there is a refund issued for recycling things like bottles and cans, you will make a lot more money than the metal is worth- 5 cents per can or bottle. I really wish Pennsylvania had that program! Call your local scrap yard for accurate prices in your area.


30. Sell your hand made items on Etsy. If you are artistically talented or just love making crafts, Etsy is the marketplace where your efforts will pay off. It's like a 24/7 craft show! I haven't sold on Etsy yet because I haven't had time to make crafts recently, but I've bought things from Etsy for my wedding and for gifts. Because of the hand made nature of the items I bought, they were somewhat pricey, but they were unique and high quality items that I couldn't have found elsewhere. I know of two co-workers who found a craft on Pinterest, tried it, mastered the craft, and then began selling the finished craft on Etsy to all of the people who didn't have the time or supplies to make it. Check out Pinterest for some Pin-spiration, and get crafting!


31. Be a part time babysitter or nanny. Are you great with children? Post your resume and experience plus your hourly rates and services on Care.com. There are a lot of people on there who recently graduated college and are looking for part time work to bridge the gap between college and finding a full time job in their career field. Some families are looking for a full time nanny, while others may only be looking for someone to get the kids off the school bus and stay with them until the parents get home. If you have a job where you work an early shift or have otherwise flexible hours, this would be a perfect fit for you! The minimum rate seems to be around $10-$15 per hour. My sister-in-law used their services and landed a fantastic nannying job while she worked on her internship in Texas. Here's the link: https://www.care.com/babysitters


32. Tutor. Tutoring can come with a high price tag. Depending on what level of education you have and what subject you are teaching, prices can vary from $20-$60 an hour or more. I privately tutored a girl in nursing school while I was in pharmacy school and made $20 an hour. It was only for a few hours a week, but it helped! A great website to market yourself as a tutor is WyzAnt. You can either tutor in person in your area or tutor online, and you also set your own prices. https://www.wyzant.com/


33. Become an American Heart Association instructor. If you're a nurse, firefighter, EMT, med student, or another health care professional, here is a great opportunity to make some extra money by teaching others how to potentially to save a life with CPR, first aid, and cardiac emergency protocols while staying up to date on your own skills. You can also become a Red Cross instructor. http://www.heart.org


34. Become a seasonal worker. Plenty of companies hire part-time or full-time seasonal workers to handle the holiday rush. Retail stores and shipping companies are the most common seasonal hiring companies. If you're not a fan of retail, look into FedEx and UPS for driving trucks and handling packages. UPS announced that it will hire up to 95,000 additional employees for the Holiday Season. Working as a seasonal employee is a great way to beef up your resume in an area that you may have little experience in, and it may help you land a permanent job with those employers down the road!


35. Detail cars. Take your love of cars to a new level, and help someone else keep their car looking perfect for a nice side hustle! Who doesn't love a clean car? Pick up some car soap, wax, Armor All Auto Care Cleaning Pack (75 Wipes), glass cleaner, and air fresheners at a discount store, and use a heavy-duty shop vac to pick up the dirt from the interior. Most shops around where we live charge around $80 for a full detail. Detailing cars is a great way for car-lovers or anyone with good attention to detail to make some extra cash.


36. Run a snow removal service. There are plenty of places in the world where the winters are long and the summers are all too short. Use that to your advantage by turning snow into money! If you're up to the challenge, you can manually shovel people's walks and driveways for them, but an even better way to do things would be to buy a used snow blower on Craigslist or at an estate sale and turn it into your most valuable employee! If someone came around my neighborhood with a snow blower and wanted $10-$20 to clear my driveway and walks, I would absolutely take them up on that offer to save me hours worth of hard work. If you have a truck, you could even buy a plow attachment and contract with small business owners to plow their parking lots. Snow is a nuisance when it's not on a ski slope or sled riding hill, so offering a removal service can be a great way to earn extra money!


37. Be a house sitter/pet sitter. House sitting and pet sitting is a win-win situation! Someone pays you to live in their house while they travel in return for no more than you simply being there and keeping the house secure. In the case of pet sitting, you get paid to feed, walk, and interact with the animals, which is an easy job for animal lovers. My mother-in-law once traveled a lot for her job and she would use a house sitter to stay at her house for a few days and keep the lights on, feed the dogs, let them out, water the plants, and get the mail. It deterred burglaries, provided her with peace of mind that nothing was on fire or leaking in the house, and it provided a local college student with a quiet place to stay for weeks while getting paid. Her animals also benefited by not having to undergo the stressful environment of a kennel. It was cheaper for her then using a kennel for the animals and it was easy work for the sitter. Start by working for a friend, and use them as a reference to grow your client list.


38. Be an Independent Contractor Newspaper Courier. The job involves waking up early in the morning and driving around, but it has the potential to earn $400-$1,000+ a month delivering newspapers and fliers to neighborhoods. This would be a good option for someone with kids, because while your partner and the kids are home asleep, you can go out, earn some money, and then be home for the rest of the day.


39. Start a blog. Do you have information to share, or are you a particularly good story teller? Consider starting a blog. It takes work, but if you find a niche that you enjoy writing about, give it a try! You can make thousands of dollars a month by running a successful blog and make connections with lots of wonderful like-minded people. You can start a blog using Bluehost, which is the service provider I currently use and love. Hosting is as little as $3.95 per month.


40. Sell your talents on Fiverr. If you haven't been there yet, check out Fiverr. It is a website that you can sell a gig or a talent that you have for 5 dollars or more. It could be creating a graphic design, writing a poem, photoshopping a picture, or virtually anything else that you can dream up. Are you good at drawing or do you speak another language? Offer cartoon caricatures of people, or write love notes in other languages! Be creative with your talents and you will be able to find a niche service that you can offer! Here's the link: https://www.fiverr.com/


41. Dog Walking. If you're good with dogs and enjoy going for walks, become a dog walker for some easy extra money! There are lots of families that work during the day while the dog stays home alone and bored. You could offer service on select days of the week or every day depending on your schedule. Expect to make $10 or more per dog per walk, depending on your area and the length of the walk.

42. Scoop Poop. Here's a service that goes hand-in-paw with dog walking. Offer to clean up people's yards for $10-$15 per weekly scooping session. There's very little supplies needed other than garbage bags and maybe a Nature's Miracle Jaw Scoop, Jumbo (P-6008) so that you don't have to bend down.


43. Clean Houses. You can make around $50 an hour for general cleaning services, and charge even more for deep cleaning. My husband's aunt cleans houses on a casual basis and over the years has built a client list through word of mouth that keeps her busy and keeps money in her pocket.


44. Ask for a raise. It seems obvious, but many people assume that the answer to asking for a raise will be 'no' when it may in fact be a 'yes'! If you have been at your current place of employment for a while, it might be time to remind management how valuable you are. You can even interview for a position similar to your current one and try to get an offer from a competitor to show your boss. Always remember, the worst that can happen is that your boss will say no. You have nothing to lose by asking for a raise.
45. Referee local sports leagues. If you love sports and have in-depth knowledge of a particular sport that needs a referee/umpire, you can become a referee for local sports leagues. It's a great way to get some exercise and make some extra money while doing something you enjoy.
46. Become a consultant. Consultants are successful people inside a profession that offer their advice and expertise to people looking to better themselves or their business in that area. If you are gifted and have extensive experience in an area, you can become a consultant and charge a fee for your advice. Some ideas for consulting are website design, landscape design, financial consulting, interior design, or specialized professional consulting like marketing, real estate, or architecture.


47. Collect and sell golf balls. There are golf ball divers who currently are making 6 figures diving into golf course water hazards, collecting golf balls, and selling them! You don't always have to get wet to find golf balls. You can also scavenge them from the woods and weeds around golf courses-just make sure you're not trespassing! A golf ball on average will net between 7-12 cents depending on the brand and condition.


48. Become a courier with Postmates. Postmates is a personal courier service that people can use to have food and other items delivered to them. Customers use the Postmates app to place a delivery order from any contracted restaurant or store in their area, then they are matched with a Postmates courier that's in the area. The courier goes to the restaurant or store, makes the purchase, and then delivers the food or items. The site for Postmates claims that their couriers make $25 an hour or more. The job is perfect for anyone with a limited schedule, because Postmates employees can choose their own hours. It's also perfect for people who bike around the city because a car isn't necessary for this job. To work for Postmates, you must be over 18, have personal transportation such as a bike, vehicle, or motorcycle, and have excellent customer service skills. If you're a student or anyone in need of a flexible schedule, this would be a perfect way to make extra money!
49. Teach a skill. A friend of ours makes a few hundred a week teaching swing lessons on the side in addition to her full time nursing career. She has been in the dance community for years and loves sharing her passion of dance through teaching others. https://www.facebook.com/fandvdance/


50. Write an e-book. If you have always wanted to write a book but felt daunted by the publishing process, e-books are perfect for you! Much easier to publish than a traditional print book, e-books allow you to sell your material electronically with less effort than conventional publishing.


51. Rent out your car with Turo. Make your car work for you when you're not driving it! Turo is a service that allows you to list your car for rental use by pre-screened drivers based on your schedule. The company covers your car for $1 million in insurance, and you can either meet the drivers at their location or have them come to you. If you are a frequent traveler from SFO or LAX airports, you can even park your car there for free and rent it out during the time you're away! In addition to saving you hundreds of dollars in parking fees, renting your car out from the airport with Turo can bring you $150-$425 per month depending on the make and model of the car.

52. Become A Task Rabbit. You could get paid to stand in line at the DMV for someone, drop off their laundry, help with home cleaning, move furniture, or an endless list of other tasks! Customers submit what tasks they need completed and how much they are willing to pay, and as a Task Rabbit, you get paid by the tasks you complete. For more details, check out Task Rabbit.com


Well, is your mind now filled with ideas for your next side hustle? Was there anything on this list that surprised you? Let us know if you try any of these ideas for making extra money and how successful you are. Don't forget to Pin this guide for future reference, and subscribe if you enjoy the content!

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  1. Just joined #3 Bing Rewards a week or two ago, so I’m excited about reaping the rewards.
    In regards to #38 Newspaper carrier, my brother and I used to split the route. It’s a good option for a side hustle if you can only commit an hour or two a day, but you might have difficulty finding a substitute if you want to go out of town on a weekend. We ran into this issue & needless to say we didn’t travel much. (Our family was big into camping at that time, so it turned into the summer of no camping instead.)
    Josh recently posted…#GivingTuesdayMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the advice on the newspaper carrier issue with traveling-I wouldn’t have thought about that. There are so many cool ways to make extra money out there, I want to try them all! I was signing up for things as I was writing about them, so we’ll see where this leads as far as extra spending money goes. If nothing else, it will be a fun experiment! :-)

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